I’m Temitope Adegbenjo.
A writer, author and teacher of God’s word.
Having observed for several years the behavioural patterns of most readers towards ‘traditional’ forms of writing and teaching God’s word and morals, I have come to understand that there is a need for more simplicity and interractiveness for effectiveness.
This is what influences my style of writing.

I am the author of several Christian fiction series like Agbeke,The Arc, Tormenter, Shadows of Grace, Maniac etc.
(You should read them)
I’m married to Adegbenjo Adedayo(Mr), a very amazing husband.

Would you like to contact me?

Facebook:Temitope Ogunjuyigbe Adegbenjo

Twitter: The_Temitope
IG: the_temitope

Thank you for visiting my blog.
You would love it!

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