Dear Christian Writer

Sometimes, we Christian and inspirational writers are often too seemingly mature for our audience. We act too serious and too busy. Dear Writer, sometimes, just write for the sake of entertainment and comfort. Give people something to laugh about. Post a funny but healthy content even if means picking it up from somewhere. You know […]

They Scoff at us

They Scoff at Us! From our choice of partners to our choice of career, our style of doing businesses, approach to issues, etc One thing is common to the average believer, we get scoffed at. Right in our faces, people laugh at us for holding on to our faith, holding on to God, hoping against […]

When People Doubt You

I learnt recently that one of the major challenges Paul faced was being doubted. Paul was vibrant, passionate about church growth, left his job for the cause of missions, laboured in very grey areas, suffered imprisonments, hardship, hunger etc. Yet, people doubted his intentions, doubted his calling, doubted his revelations. Some even doubted the fact […]

Learning to Fall

I realized recently, that I grew up with misconceptions about falling. I’ve always believed falling is scary, undesirable, a misfortune and practically the pointer to failure. Recently, I learnt something new from reading an article and then watching my girl. There is a stage in the life of every growing child, where a fall must […]

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