Caught in the Act 2

There is an interesting perspective to the story of this woman caught in adultery and brought to Jesus by the teachers of the law.
It is a story that does not only reaffirm my faith in the completeness of grace, it also teaches how to attain a condemnation-free life.

1. When this woman was brought to Jesus and accusations were levied on her, she didn’t deny it, try to maneuver her way out of the situation, point fingers at her fellow adulterer or push the blame. She didn’t try to dodge Jesus.
She simply stood still.

We cannot live a guilt-free life if we keep avoiding God when we find ourselves in sin. We cannot find grace when we approach Christ and start making excuses for ourselves.
David said he would rather fall into the hands of the almighty than into the hands of man.
No matter how terrible the sin is, come to Jesus, stand before Him, don’t make excuses for your self. He will help you.

2. John 8:6 … But Jesus stooped down, and with his finger wrote on the ground, as though he heard them not.

It is so beautiful to see how the Lord acts as if ” ‘He does not hear’ when people condemn us. The love Christ shows towards us makes Him ignore most of our faults even in the face of glaring accusations and proofs.
God is always looking out for our interest. Even when we are at our lowest points, God never focuses on our faults and sins. He gives us the benefit of doubt and never condemns us. He condemns our acts and not our persons.
As leaders, how do we react when we hear things about people God has put in our care? Are we quick to spread the hearsays, turn their stories into sermons or first willing to overlook and extend grace to them?

3. Jesus stooped down with His finger to the ground…
Some scholars believe Jesus was writing her sins on the ground.
If this is true, then our Lord is so graceful. He wrote her sins on a surface where the winds can easily blow off what He wrote. He didn’t write it on a permanent surface. He wrote it where it will easily be forgotten. Men may keep records of your sins and use them against you. But, not the Lord. To Him, every day is a new slate. Men may write your sins and your posts with permanent markers on visible platforms but God wrote them on the body of Christ, nailed it on the cross and completely blotted them out!
Don’t subject yourself to a life of guilt and condemnation. If God does not keep bringing up records of your sins, it doesn’t matter what man, people or your heart says to you.

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