Learning to Fall

I realized recently, that I grew up with misconceptions about falling.

I’ve always believed falling is scary, undesirable, a misfortune and practically the pointer to failure.
Recently, I learnt something new from reading an article and then watching my girl.

There is a stage in the life of every growing child, where a fall must not happen. The child is new, tender, fragile. A fall can cause irreparable damage. It is at this stage that we need our ‘parents’ and mentors to keep an eye on us all the time and always carry us carefully in their arms.

There is also another stage where a child begins to learn to sit, stand, crawl and walk. This is a stage where dependence reduces even though our ‘parents’ still need to keep an eye on us.
At this stage of our life, learning to fall is crucial. At this stage, when you fall, even when you cry out for help and express your pain, you are encouraged to stand or sit up yourself. You may feel that no one loves you because when you fall, no one rushed to your rescue like they used to. The truth is, you are probably at a stage when you are learning to fall. At this stage, we are meant to build confidence, strength and this is very crucial for the future.

Gradually, as we grow, the fear of falling reduces. We learn to be more careful and learn to rise when we find ourselves in the ground. We fall as men and rise as men.

Jesus was said to have fallen seven times on the way to the cross. Did he fall because he was careless? Did he fall because he was weak? No. I think He fell because of the weight of the cross he carried and the pains he was going through. But, did Jesus stay on the floor? No. Did he make it to the cross? Yes!

My point is that a fall doesn’t always mean you are at your lowest point. Hence, your reaction to a fall is what matters. Falling doesn’t necessarily mean weakness or that you have lost your place with God. Sometimes, it just happens. What matters most, is your reaction after the fall. An indicator of growth is your willingness and ability to put yourself together, and rise whether you get external help or not.

So, whether you have fallen spiritually, physically, business-wise, maritally…

Rise and God will give you light.

(Good morning and don’t forget to share with someone. Let’s all rise together.)

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