What Stage Are You?

What Stage Are You?

What Stage Are You?
What Stage Are You?

What Stage Are You?
Stage 1:
I am getting to know God.
I find the scriptures mind blowing and can’t but spend hours studying and random moments meditating on what I learnt.

My mind is filled with so much scriptures that my thoughts go there from time to time. Me

Stage 2:
I can’t keep what I am learning to myself anymore.
I want to share with people.
I love to engage in discussions.
I love to preach and teach what God is teaching me.

Nothing excites me more than seeing people grab the message I am passing across.

Stage 3:
I am beginning to get accolades.
Two things may happen:
(a)These accolades may get into my head.That’s Danger

(b)These accolades do not get into my head but there is a probability that as I am studying, my mind is no longer searching. I am 70% looking for what to teach.

Stage 4:
I become too busy to study.
I have so much residual knowledge that even when I don’t study, I can go on and on teaching.

At this point, revelation becomes stale. Motive becomes worrisome.
But since I’m still teaching vibrantly, people may not notice what is missing.

Dear Saints,

2John1:8 says,”Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.”

Keep an eye on yourself.
Check if you are growing, stagnant or retrogressive

Don’t let the accolades of men becloud your sense of judgement.

Good morning and God bless your day.

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