Work, work, work

Some days ago,
A man (Mr A) seated behind me was vexing with someone (Mr B ) over the phone.
As it is, Mr A was supervising a building project, gave Mr B a job to do being a vendor but guess what? Mr B didn’t show up.
Since the man was pretty upset, I had no choice than to follow the phone conversation.
Apparently, Mr B was at church on a Tuesday morning. Okay, that was not the part that was funny to me. It was the fact that he could pick his phone while at a church meeting to plead with a customer whose job was being delayed.
He was pleading that he would come do his job after the service while Mr A was angry because “He has been warning him.” Mr B is always full of excuses.

In the Book of Romans 12: 11, Paul gave us very clear instructions. He said as believers, we should be :
“Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord.”
The good thing is that, there are few people who knew God as much as Paul did or did God’s work as much as he did. Yet, there was no place he was accused of being a bad lawyer or a terrible tent maker.
If care is not taken, as a believer we can be slotful in business, not fervent in spirit and have excuses not to serve the Lord.
Being an expert at your business is not an excuse to be spiritually lazy. Neither is being fervent in spirit an excuse for you to cross your legs and not have any platform where you serve the Lord. The three are not mutually exclusive.
Be a believer with a difference.
Be an exemplary Christian.We are expected to be “Not slotful in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.”
If any man needs wisdom,

Let him ask.


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